Jan 8, 2010

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The Truth about “The 10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid”

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Hi again,

Okay because I’m all for the truth I’ll tell you upfront that I’m writing this review of the 10 deadly business mistakes you should avoid because I want to win a prize and save myself the 400 bucks the author of the report Daniel Scocco from Daily Blog Tips is asking for his online profits course. Phew, I think that is the longest sentence I’ve ever written in my life! So much for good writing…

I bet every wannabe blogging star is writing a review on this report.

Seriously though I would have read this report anyway because I have learnt a lot from Daily Blog Tips . Yes I read the daily tips – when I miss a day of not reading emails I just catch up. Can you tell I’m not addicted to my inbox and don’t allow it to distract from living my life?

When I read this report I was stunned by how simply it was written. In my opinion simple is good. Who needs all that fancy schmancy business language that no one understands? Especially if you are new to the scene and just want to get an on line business going with as little pain as possible.

This blog, The Truth Way, is my first blog where I come up with ideas easily. Besides I enjoy investigating and coming up with the truth. In the past I have started numerous blogs and committed a couple of the deadly mistakes mentioned in the report.

Like mistake number 2: lacking focus. Usually I’m resolute about things I want like healthy diet, enough sleep etc. In fact my friends all think I’m highly disciplined. Yet for me I just know I want to be fit n’ healthy and don’t see it as discipline rather as an act of self love. How ever up until now you could have called me fuzzy as far as focus goes in blogging.

Mistake number 3: Not finishing what you start. All right then so slap me. Up until now I have done that a lot. Even with my knitting. But did you notice I said up until now?

So what about the other 8 deadly mistakes?

I’m only partly guilty of them like mistake number 10. I researched if people were looking for the truth and discovered that people were looking for religious truth – that can explain why my site was hacked by Muslims. But I also discovered that a lot of people were searching for the phrase “the truth about….” so because I enjoy research and feel I have a lot of good information available that is beneficial to people I decided to go for it any way. Besides you dear eader can ask me to find out the truth on any subject. In my previous blogs I had also researched thoroughly but was lacking personal interest to keep it alive. So even though I was thorough with my market research I just couldn’t create enough juice for blogging regularly.

I for one know that the law of attraction works 24 hours a day and having a vision of what you want is everything. That’s why I totally appreciate when Daniel says in his report, “your vision should be carved in stone, but the strategies you will use it to achieve it should be flexible.” This is one of the first things I learned about manifesting – don’t worry about the how – the way will be shown to you if you are flexible. It’s like when you drive a car at night. The lights don’t beam to the horizon but they beam enough to show you what’s in front of you so you are able to drive further and get to your destination, even in the dark.

The 10 deadly business mistakes concludes with a stress free10 point action plan which won’t cause an anxiety attack because you feel over whelmed. I said in the beginning this report is simple and truthful which makes it required reading.

So all in all if you just read the FREE 10 deadly business mistakes report and do nothing with it, well then nothing will happen. But if you pay attention and rectify mistakes you can expect positive results. Sadly the truth is that a lot of people are inclined to download information and never bother to read it let alone implement the advice. Then they wonder why “same shit different day “keeps happening.

Thank you for reading.

Truthfully yours,

P.S. This blog is new and needs comments. I hope you get the hint 😉

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