Dec 3, 2009

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The Truth about Nutrition

FDApyramidI especially chose this picture of the typical nutrition pyramid to talk about nutrition because most people believe that this is healthy. Now I’m not one that buys into conspiracy theories but as usual I’m here to expose you to the beautiful truth so read on, oh and here’s a brief video of me:

Firstly bread, cereals and pastas are not a natural food. By that I mean these foods do not grow on trees, bushes or in vegetable beds.

Why is it that people believe they have to process food to make it better? And by the way cooking and baking is a process too.

What you should be eating a lot of,  comes out of the second level of the food pyramid, the fruit and vegetable section. And that raw – not cooked to death. Leave out the bread and pasta section all together.  Food is supposed to give us nutrition and not weigh us down. I haven’t eaten a thing out of the first section for along, long time and can’t say that I’m noticing any deficiencies.

Why I’m so against cooking is that enzymes and vitamins are ruined. Think about it – it makes sense. In the wild no animal cooks it’s food. That is a human invention, part of being civilized. The price for this civilization is over weight and an assortment of degenerative diseases.

I’m no doctor, I’ve only been exposed to information  and tried it out for myself so I can truthfully say the difference going raw has made in my life, is like night and day.

The truth is green leafy vegetables contain protein, calcium and rare vitamins, like vitamin k. Why do people believe they need tons of calcium from pasteurised diary products to survive? Women especially have been conned into believing they need to indulge in diary to avoid osteoporisis.  When I go to the supermarket – ( I love Shazzie for referring to the super market as the stupid market) I’m always amazed how much pasteurized diary products people are purchasing. They all look fat, tired and older than their years.  Sometimes I over hear conversations between people that have just bumped into each other and all they’re doing is whining about their health! And there they are, loading their carts full with the very stuff that is making them sick. I shake my head. But shame they can’t help it – they’ve been duped into believing eat more diary for health. It just beats me that they can’t see for themselves that it’s obviously not working.  They keep running to the doctor and still they  are sick…

Besides what adult animal drinks milk from another animal? Duh. It doesn’t become me to lie to you, and tell you I never eat diary because I do – like twice a month I may eat some raw organic goats milk cheese and occassionally I’ll have a raw, organic egg. It’s all I need for my health. As far as Omega 3 intake is concerned I get that from soaked flax seed.

Eat more green leafy vegetables, make smoothies – I have at least a litre a day of a smoothy consisting of green leafys and fruit.  It may sound disgusting but I assure you it is quite delicious. Have a daily green smoothie, your body will thank you. How do you make them? Easy take a BIG handful of greens like spinach, parsely, mangold and a fruit like apple, orange, pear, peach what ever you like plus a banana. (The banana will give it a nice, smooth texture) Put in a high speed blender with a cup of water and viola. Drink immediately.
Don’t just believe me, you can do a google and find out for yourself all the benefits drinking green smoothies.

I know there have been BBC reports proving that organic is not better than standard. Let me ask you, do you in all honesty believe that acres of monocultures can be good for the environment? And what about the soil? Soil that has been chemically treated for years has been robbed of natural minerals. We need those minerals, to be strong and healthy. Even in the bible it says God made us out of dust which interpreted in my language meand we come out the earth and we need earth within us so we can thrive. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not preaching hallejuhs to you. What I am saying is that you are what you eat. Period.

I just love animals too much and the thought of eating them horrifies me, especially when I know that normal animal products have been factory farmed. Gorgeous, beautiful animals that have never seen the sky, breathed fresh air, romped in a field or experienced affection by their human enslavers.

I could show you tons more, but hopefully you’ve seen enough. Honestly do you think  that all that animal produce sitting on the shelves in supermarkets can be supplied by a cute farmer and his wife? No way – there’s big business cha ching behind those products, their aim is  to produce fast and efficiently cha ching.

When I think of all the animals living lives of quiet desperation I want to rip my heart out. Nothing hurts me like that thought. No ending love affair has hurt me like that does. Honestly how the fuck is eating any meat that comes from such a place gonna contribute to feeling good?

Nature is perfect. We can never better it – not by genetic engineering, putting it into a box, can, packet or what ever other sick idea we get. Seriously – why in the zoos are there signs, “do not feed the animals”? Because they will get sick.  See what the zoo keepers feed the animals? Fresh, raw food.

I’ve noticed that pets are also getting degenerative diseases like their owners from eating table scraps, canned foods and dried biscuits. Processed food is addictive and even cats and dogs are prone to demand additive laden foods.

These days there are careers being made in the “food technology” sector. Since when does natural food need a technologist? And if all this food is supposed to be healthier than what grows in a natural environment then why are more people getting sicker and fatter?

Most ageing illnesses have to do with years of bad nutrition and general indulging of toxins. Coffee,  sodas, industrialised meat and diary are poisen to the body- so is white bread, cakes and pastry.  Alzheimers and other sicknesses are just accepted as part of being old. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can be  alert and healthy till the day you die.

What gets me is that even people who claim to love Jesus just don’t want to open their eyes and continue to contribute to the suffering. These people that tell me I’m going to the devil because I believe I’m the only one that can redeem myself  are looking just as fat and sick.
51CIOCnaHtL._SL160_M sister in law, who is a devoted christian gave me this book titled: what the bible says about healthy living.
Even though some of the outlooks in the book pissed me off like having boys circumsized. I mean pleeeeeaaase what age are we living in?
The food advice is okay if you can deal with all the references from the bible. Eating this way is  a great improvement to the standard crap people are eating.

There are of course theories about how the discovery of fire enticed man to grill his flesh and boil veggies. In those days they were no hybrids as we know them today. There were wild plants which contain more nutrients than cultivated garden veggies. (In the summer I’m prone to eating dandelion and stinging nettle.) Theory is that with cooking we were able to digest more food quicker and therefor become more efficient – I think we got slower cos testing on myself all I can say is going raw has given me more energy.

But then there is another, more interesting theory which I buy into. 21bYH+Up41L._SL160_The first humanoid skull was found in Africa, that’s why the continent is often referred to as the cradle of man. At that time the territory was a jungle. Now the idea is that at that stage man was munching on delicious jungle fruit laden with flavonoids.  Man was happy but then climate change caused man to have to migrate and seek for new habitat. Dietary changes were forced on the population and that put an end to the rapid evolution of the human brain. Ultimately this resulted in damaged neural architecture that we suffer from today. Anyway long story made short: It could be considered as our neurobiological fall from grace.  Very, very interesting… the book is called Left in the Dark and is brilliantly written.  In fact it is required reading for any one that wants to know how the body and brain work, especially in conjunction with food.

I realise that even though I’ve exposed you to nutritional truths going raw may not be your thing in which case I’d recommend an intermmediate diet of whole foods. I utterly trust Sherry Brescia. As a health insurance researcher and Chief Underwriter, she was able to research the benefits of an alkaline- balanced body and over the next 15 years perfected the system she now calls Great Taste No Pain.She meshed a number of philosophies proven to help alkalize the body to create this simple system that anyone can follow regardless of where they are or what food choices they have available to them. Anyway she has a 4 day eating plan which you can download for free and see how you feel after eating like that for 4 days. I tell you something, the body shows gratitude for good nutrition pretty quickly.

Think about this: most people are not living in optimal health. They are merely getting by. In fact they have no idea that they could feel totally vibrant and energised. They think that how they are feeling now is as good as it gets. Did you know that food contributes to whether you feel happy or depressed?

Now everyone talks about chocolate being a happy food. Well yes it is but not as a candy bar that consists of sugar and pasteurized milk. In it’s pure, raw form – believe me cacao beans are wonderful but I’ll get into the virtues of chocolate in another post. The purer your food, the better you’ll start feeling. I’ve said it before: you are what you eat.

I’m not just ranting on because I fear a conspiracys against the population by big companies. I just think that most people are just too lazy to think for themselves and accept the status quo of what ever they have been taught. If more people would question what they are blindly doing then big corporations wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s called exercising your democratic rights.

So enough yadada, I hope you get the point by now. I’m ending this long post with a video which exposes the truth behind the food industry. Underneath is a link which will take you to the  food matters site where you can watch the movie online for a mere $4.95 !

Watch movie or buy DVD

Thank you for reading. I look forward to reading your opinion in the comments section.

Truthfully yours

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  1. Thank you for posting the Truth. That Pyramid is not healthy. If I ate that way I would not be anywhere near curing my type 2 diabetes. I am making great strides because I do NOT follow that pyramid. Thank you again for questioning the status quo!

    James Reno

  2. Hello James,

    It’s just too bad that folks don’t want to question stuff. I often “see” what’s wrong with people and could remedy the situation just by changing their diet but alas I’m no doctor. And yet some of my friends have taken my advice and have thanked me for becoming new people. Others tell me they would rather listen to a qualified doctor, yet I see no improvement – rather drug dependency with side effects.

    Anyway thanks for visiting and do come play here often!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for turning me on to Sherry Brescia and her correct combining of foods diet plan for great health. Just started today and I love it.

    I know it’s not new news. I’ve read about the need for a diet that properly balances one’s alkaline/acid, but Sherry’s message and plan make it so easy. (Before, I was left without any exact plan on how to achieve the proper acid/alkaline balance.)

    btw, I’ve known about her husband Mike, and his Think Right Now products for years. He’s great, and so I figured, anyone he’s going to be married to has also got to be great. It sure seems she is.

    Thanks again,


  4. Claudia says:

    Hi Phil,

    Yeah Sherry’s advice is great I used it before I became a converted raw foodist. I also own a couple of The Think Right Now CD’s.

    Thanks for visiting and come again.

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