Dec 9, 2009

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The Truth about Giving Birth

life_beginsHowdy again,

Have you ever wondered why giving birth is viewed as a medical emergency? It seems insane to be treating birth sessions like a high risk medical procedure.

Cats and dogs go and have their offspring quite naturally – they seem to know what to do. And believe it or not, human females have also got this imprint in their DNA provided that they also were birthed naturally. Commencement of the birthing process allows the nervous system of he newborn to unfold and send messages into the DNA.  It can be compared to typing an instruction to your computer.

In effect we could be wiping out our ability to give birth naturally. That way we will eventually require assistance because we have no idea how to do what we’re meant to do to survive! Scary. Man is getting too clever (or could I say stupid) for his own good.

It seems to me that these days women are finding that giving birh is a disgusting scenario. Why else are they allowing doctors to dictate to them how to birth their bundles of joy?

Truth is hospital birth is scary for the mother and for the baby.  Often the mother is told to lie down under phosphorescence lights whilst medics stare into her punda telling her when to push. Worse is when the mother gives birth via cesaraen section for no apparent reason .

Giving birth is a private moment and should happen under subdued lights.  Man kind has survived for thousand of years by giving birth without all the hoohaa that happens today. I mean are we too thick to do something as natural as give birth? I think not. The way I see it is that the medical industry has made us dependant on their decisions. Of course there are situations where it’s wise to be cautious.

It is time that women decided for them selves how they are going to give birth and not be dictated to by predominantly male doctors who don’t know what it is like to be pregnant.  Just because a man has studied medicine does not mean he is intuitive and sensitive.  C sections are often performed so the doctor can schedule his appointments. Come on lady friends, it is us that give birth and populate the world. We should know what feels better for us – rather than listening to advice which can rob us of a wonderful experience.

I know all countries are  not equal as far as the birthing mentality goes. I grew up in South Africa where it is common for women to have cesarians on the day the doctor decided it’s time to bring the baby into the world. The general attitude is that delivery of the new born is a strenous and unlady like. Save the vagina and get it over with as quickly as possible.

Here in Austria where I’m currently living, women still go to the hospital/ maternity clinic to give birth but it’s an entirely different scenario. The mother has a choice of giving birth in water or on a bed. She is given a birthing room where at her own pace she brings forth her child. A midwife is there to assist her and of course the mid wife can call for medical assistance should she deem it necessary. This is a much friendlier option.

Besides the current trend to make birth as stressful as possible on the mother, think about the poor babe that is coming into the world. Instead of being delivered into the parents loving arms it is entering into a horror movie of probing doctors. Trust me this can have long time effects. New borns and mothers need quiet time to say hello to one another.

Just as humans have the ability to reach orgasm during sex, it is possible for females to have a truly ecstatic experience when giving birth.

So don’t just take my word about birth. Let world  expert Elana (sorry I can’t write or pronounce her surname) from Russia tell you about it. The interview was done by Matt Monarch who is the owner of raw reform.

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