Jan 12, 2010

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The Truth about Fur

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fur, fur coat,furcoats, wolf peltHowdy,

It is I again bringing you another truth – I think this truth is by far the most shocking of all truths. Namely that of fur. It’s winter here in Europe and I see so many women strutting around in fur. Not only old women in full length minks in out of date cuts, but younger people too. I think most people are unaware of the pain and suffering these poor animals go through or they wouldn’t buy fur. Well at least I hope not.

I don’t understand some things, like Finland for example – they are the leading country in the EU for environmental policies, a good social system and excellent education. But they still farm foxes, minks and other animals for fur. Animals that are caged in tiny spaces, exposed to the elements and treated like shit. They only do this because people buy furs.

Just the other day I was out shopping with a girl friend in Vienna. We saw a lovely jacket which was on sale for €25,00. This cute jacket had real fur trimmings on it. First my friend didn’t believe me – she said it was TOO CHEAP to contain real fur. Now let me tell you some thing: the clothing industry contracts out to Asia where manufacturing is cheap and so is fur. Because the fur is coming from cats and dogs. Designers are unaware that dog and cat fur is being used.

The horrible truth is that 80% of the fur which is used for trimmings and actual jackets or coats comes from China. I kid you not that most of these furs come from dogs and cats. Animals that we keep at home as companions. And they are treated so brutally and inhumanely that any country in the west would seriously punish them and shut them down. In fact these animals are often skinned alive. There are no laws in asia protecting animals from cruelty. Actually I’m often amazed how the Chinese government gets all soppy about Panda bears but doesn’t give a damn about how other animals are treated.

Most countries have abolished fur farming but they have not banned importing . The furs arrive from China under dubious names so that the gullible public does not know that they are actually buying a dog or cat – because they believe wearing wild animals is okay. Honestly how can the skin of an animal make you feel better? You must have one fucking huge complex about yourself if you think you’re some one just because you’re in a fur.

Please be warned these videos are shocking and very graphic but they are show the reality of fur.

So look out for these names on labels which means the fur comes from a domestic dog.

  • American Wolf
  • Asian Jackal
  • Asian Wolf or Wolf of Asia
  • Asiatic Raccoon
  • Asiatischer Waschbär
  • BioWolf
  • China Wolf
  • Corsac Fox
  • Coyote
  • Dogaskin
  • Dogue DeChine
  • Gaewolf
  • Goyangi
  • KouPi or Koupee

Alsation Dog is disguised as:

  • Loup d’Asie
  • Mountain Goat Skin
  • Pommernwolf
  • Sakhon or Nakon lamb
  • Sobaki or Sobaski
  • Wildhund

Domestic Cat Fur is sold under these misleading names:

  • African Cat
  • Asian Cat or Asian Wild Cat
  • Genotte
  • Korean Mink
  • Lipi or Lippi Cat
  • Leopard Cat
  • Lyrenkatze
  • Maopi or Moupi
  • Mountain Cat
  • Somali Cat
  • Spotted Cat

Other terms used to disguise or misrepresent fur goods:

  • Chinchilla Rex, Foxaline, Chinchillette, Erminette, Korean Mink, Orylag = Rabbit
  • Blacktail, Feh, Sobalsky, Telentka, Teleutka = Squirrel
  • Zobelkanin = Hamster

If there even are labels on the fur.

I often see women walking their dogs in fur coats and I wonder how they would react if they knew how their fur coat was made. Either they just plain don’t give a fuck or they are ignorant. Even men are wearing parkas with a real fur trimming on the hood.

What is equally disgusting are those little cat or dog ornaments made out of cat or dog fur.
Why is every body so passive? As consumers we have a choice. Become aware of what you are buying. Don’t buy fur that comes from China – in all probability it is cat and dog pelt. Other Asian countries are equally suspect. Best is to shun all fur.
I know there is a huge debate between fur promoters and anti fur people like myself. But any reputable furrier would also be against buying fur that is cat or dog fur. I’m sure with consumer awareness an end can be put to cruelty that is happening in Asia.

It’s easy to tell a real fur from a fake fur. A real fur is really soft and moves in the wind. It has a leather backing. If you part the hair, you can notice it is attached to leather and often the hair goes from light to dark or dark to light. Fake fur has a backing that looks like a knit. Fake fur is fun.

I always dress my truth and I know I look funky and slinky – with out fur. Like Michele Obama only better. Seriously Michele Obama does not wear fur.

So what’s your opinion on fur?

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