Dec 10, 2009

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The Truth about Circumcision

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baby_feetDear Reader,

Today I’m here to expose circumcision to you.

And not about the primitive circumcision that is excuted on young girls in Africa with bits of tin can or old razors. It’s not that I approove of that ritual – far from it, but let’s leave that for another post. Let’s talk about what so called civilised people in the west do to their new born boys.

I currently live in Europe where circumcision is only executed for religious reasons. Modern people here do not circumsize their new born boys. What for? But I know this practice still happens in the USA and South Africa. I’m not refferring to the indeginous people of those countries who perform their own rituals.

Nature, or God if you prefer, has made the body perfect and it is only us that think we can improove on it. I’ve researched and seen a lot. I don’t just make up all this stuff to amuse myself and fool you. Nope I do this because it is my deepest desire to expose people to truths  so they can make informed decisions. (I’ll admit that sometimes I want to control the world and force everybody to eat dandelions and love animals but okay I respect freedom of choice. Jeez that’s very god like of me don’t you think?)

In hospitals circumcision is performed soon after birth if the parents agree. It’s not like the baby is mutilated without the parents consent. I hope after reading this article mommas and poppas will seriously think about whether or not they will hand over their boy child for genital mutilation.  Genital mutilation? Yes that is exactly what  it is, or how else would you refer to removing foreskin from a penis?

To make the mutilation even more enjoyable for the newborn boy he is not given an aneathestic for the pain, not even a painkiller. Why is there this ridiculous presumption just because you are new born you have no nerve endings yet? Isn’t it strange how conservatives are anti abortion cause babies feel things and then they have no problem removing the new born’s foreskin?

For those that believe in the bible, the book clearly says that circumcision is to be performed on the 8th day after birth. So maybe there is a God who knows what he’s doing after all because vitamin K is not present in the baby immediately after birth. It requires a few days to develop. Vitamin K is responsible for clotting blood which is definately needed after a foreskin has been removed.

Besides most of the western population prides itself on its christian faith. The new testament also reveals that circumcision is not necessary anymore for believers in Jesus.  As I mentioned a few paragraphs before I’ve read a lot – there is also the theory that when God made Adam he needed his foreskin to protect his dick whilst he was roaming about the Garden of Eden. But now that we’re all living in a fallen world the penis obviously doesn’t need protection… Yip religion can get weird.

These days with all the disinfectants and anti bacterial soaps we run the risk of  not having enough dirt around us to build up our immune system.  There is hardly a risk of infections building around the fore skin area. rather think of the little penis trying to heal whilst being in a nappy – getting urine on the wound. Imagine how it must burn.

There is also the argument that dad’s penis is circumsized so junior’s should also be. You know like father like son – and a man’s penis is his pride I’ve been told. Then why the hell do male’s agree to having the object of pride mutilated? And if dad looses his leg in an accident why not remove junior’s leg too so they can be the same?

I’ve also heard women say that circumsized penises  (What is the plurual for penis? Is it penises or peni as in singular -> cactus plural-> cacti?) are cuter. Common a dick is as cute as it’s owner.  My experience is that a penis with a foreskin is far more sensitive and responsive. Why rob a man of all those nerve endings?

To make matters worse a lot of babies are already born under stressful conditions. Read my post on the truth of giving birth. So just when new born is getting over being slapped and inspected off he’s taken to the torture chambers where he is strapped into a plastic contraption to have some of his penis removed. Shit happens.

Is it any wonder then that men cannot trust women? After all the mother is supposed to nurture and protect  her off spring, even the boys.

Anyway to finish off my rant why not watch this informative video on circumcision.

Truthfully yours!

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