Dec 7, 2009

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The Truth about Carbofuran

warningDear Friend,

I’m not really sure as to how best start this post, considering I’m seething and would like to say bad words like fuck, shit and piss. There I wrote it. Good.

Truth is I found out that my brethern from Africa are using carbofuran to poisen lions. What is really bad about the situation is that carbofuran is so godamn toxic that even the environment protection agency in the USA banned this mothafuckin evil stuff. And that’s saying something cause normally governments get into banning good things like raw almonds or coming down on organic farmers.

It’s not likely that the FBI is going to raid the manufacturing head quarters of carbofuran. No, infact nobody is doing anything – if it can’t be sold in the USA it will just sold to African countries. This poisen is  cheap and accessible,  you can buy it over the counter without a doctor’s prescription ha, ha…

What’s worse is the majority of people in Kenya and east africa have no education. They do not know what they are doing.  Masai say lions are ripping their livestock. Lions are opportunistic and well if a cow or goat is nearby they will prey on it. This of course is causing a problem so the people are using carbofuran to poisen the lions.

The lions die a slow and painful death. By the way I love lions. I grew up in South Africa and know what a priviledge it is to see a wild lion. Lions don’t stand a chance against carbofuran. And the damage goes all down the food chain, because scavengers eat off the poisened carcasses.

Initially of course I had these racist feelings toward black people who are so callouslly poisening the wild life but  I realise it’s of course us, the original sinners that bought all our white mans wicked ways to Africa in the first place. Before the white man came  a Masai would fight a lion with a spear. Besides there was enough space for all. But no we we had to come and hollywoood the place up and divide the land. Now the shit has happened in more than 1 way. (I’ll do a whole rant on colonialism soon)

Briefly carbofuran is an an N-methyl carbamate insecticide and nematicide that has been registered to control pests in soil and on leaves in a variety of field, fruit, and vegetable crops. No residential uses are registered.

EPA concluded in October 2009 that dietary, worker, and ecological risks are unacceptable for all uses of carbofuran. All products containing carbofuran generally cause unreasonable adverse effects on humans and the environment and do not meet safety standards, and therefore are ineligible for reregistration.

As usual I’m asking myself why we need pesticide in the first place. Seriously I have a garden, full of fruit tress and plants. All of them yield exceptionally well without spraying anything. My soil is rich and full of earth worms.  I had a small snail problem but the hedgehogs that arrived sorted that out. It’s only logical that pesticide is going to cause havoc to the eco system, just like smoking damages lungs. It took a while before anyone believed that smoking is dangerous.

I don’t know about you, but as for me I like to go to sleep at night knowing there are tigers, lions, elephants, whales, dolphins, birds, stars and sunshine around. Even if I can’t see them – it’s good to know they are there.

Besides what will we do when it’s all gone. Or we that damaged that we don’t give a damn? TV is more exciting and chemicals are more fun than pure fruit? Huh.

Anyway here are some youtube vids on carbofuran.

Here is a lion trying to crawl away after being poisened with carbofuran. It is horrible to see.

Question is what will you do to get carbofuride banned off the face of the earth?

You could write a letter to the minister of Kenya for starters. I already have.

So thank you for reading.

The truth investigator,

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