Jan 18, 2010

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The Truth about Mind Relaxation

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mind relaxation, guided meditation cdHi ho again,

Unfortunately a lot of people associate mind relaxation or meditation as I prefer to call it with eastern religions or metaphysical hocus pocus. On the other hand strict Christians believe meditation is evil unless one is meditating on scripture. That would mean you read the bible and meditate on those words. But seeming that I’m neither Christian nor Hindu I just meditate for the sake of it. One hour a day.

But what exactly happens in that hour?

The idea is to relax your mind by emptying it – that’s where meditation differs from Christian meditation. One should be totally relaxed but alert. Of course it’s not the easiest thing in the world because thoughts just keep arriving out of no where. One must detach and go to that place where you see everything in crystal clarity. That way problems are solved because once you see what you’re actually doing you can stop doing it! I’m talking about dysfunctional behavior. You know what mean: like nagging or arguing. The thing is you can only change when you become conscious. Meditation gets your alarm bells ringing so you can wake up.

The part of the brain which benefits the most from meditation is the part which generates happy and positive feelings. Seriously who doesn’t need more of that? And just think no Prozac or other feel good drugs. Scientific research is proving that this is true.

But why does it work?

Because during meditation brain waves are altered.. By reflecting and ruminating intense activity takes place in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. In days gone by scientists believed that the brain’s structure was permanent ie the neural path ways were set at birth and unable to change. Now it’s a well known fact that neural path ways are very flexible to change when given the chance. Meditation gives them that chance.

Now experts are noticing that Cortisol which is a hormone released by the brain, and is responsible for causing stress and over eating is reduced by meditating regurlarly. Cortisol is uncool – it gets you craving fatty foods and sends messages to your brain to store extra fat on the abdomen. Who needs that?

There is also evidence that meditation improves heart health, gets blood pressure just right and increases the desire for exercise. Old people that meditate keep their mental faculties in order.

Are you meditating all ready?

I use a guided meditation cd which allows me to go into deep states of alpha like an experienced meditator. Usually you would require years of traditional meditation to go really deep. The holosync program is a state of the art brainwave entrainment package which has shifted my personal development awareness. Seriously I feel like I’ve activated my whole brain thinking at last.

As you know I have plenty of blog posts where I don’t endorse any thing because I’m just telling you the  plain truth. But meditation when done routinely will dissolve all your unwanted emotional baggage. That means no more uncontrollable urges and feelings. Don’t let life just happen to you – rather make your life happen the way you want it.

Using a guided meditation cd will give you the edge and make mind relaxation easy for you. Because I’m sure you know how difficult it is if you’ve already tried to meditate. It seems impossible to stop thinking. Most people I know don’t meditate and also are the ones that complain a lot about shit happening in their lives. Meditation will take you from being a victim to being a doer.

In all truth from my own experience and that of my research meditation is all good. Nobody has ever complained of side effects, feeling ill or not progressing toward their life’s ambitions.

So do you meditate? Are you planning to? Or do you think mind relaxation is a waste of time?

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  1. I also began meditating but had no successs until i tried with CD’s. I’m using Holosync and feel at last that I’m going forward.

  2. Holosync is a great programm! Some people say it’s too expensive $200 for 1 level – I think it’s worth it. I especially appreciate the customer service:

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