Jan 22, 2010

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The Truth behind your Face


How are you today?

I’m great, thanks for asking.

I’m a very observant person – maybe it’s the training I had when I became an artist like a gazillion years ago. Maybe I’m even old enough to be your mother!

Seriously, did you know your face has 2 halves. There’s the happy and sad side or kind and mean side.

Some people have noticeably more differences to their left and right side features.

My latest mug shot

My left face

My right face = Neandertal!

The best way to find out what your differences are is to take a portrait photo of yourself staring straight into the camera. Then go into a photo program where you can play around.  Then divide your face into left and right.  After that just duplicate the left side, stick them together and do the same with the right side.  You’ll see you have 2 different faces.

As you can see on my latest mug shot I look like I have a neat face. I mean neat as in tidy and not as in cool. But look what happens when I stick the different sides of my face together to make 1 face.

I’ve always thought I’m mother mary – okay so that’s a blatant lie. With my history of debauchery, sex, drugs, rock and roll it’s amazing that I’m still alive! Now I’m a converted super conscious health freak living on the other edge. (Gotta love life.)

As you can see I have 2 different faces.  They are not so very different. I did this experiment once before when i was still on  the typical diet of cooked food. Since I’ve changed to that of raw a lot of things have happened. My  complexion has definately become clearer and my skin has gotten a more youthful glow to it. Also my right and left side have become more symetrical. Unbelievable what diet can do.

But still you can see what a neandertal I am by looking at my right sided face. Honestly do you think I need a nose job?  I can breathe well with this nose but oh my god it’s never going to get me onto the cover of vogue. Like I want to be on the cover of vogue – especially if I’m allowed to pose in a dead animals pelt…

Okay this post is getting waaaay off the point.  I suggest you do this experiment of your self.  The results will totally surprise you. Or maybe not. I dunno.

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