Feb 13, 2010

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The Truth about Valentines Day

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valentines_day, how valentines day originatedIf you’re any thing like me you might want to know how valentines day came into being. Now you should know by now I’m not a religious person or particularly romantic either. I spend most of my time figuring out how and why we as a human race do the strange things we do. You don’t see animals getting all soppy on valentines day. They are always comfortable being who they are. Which is not what I can say for a lot of humans.

Okay so there are varying opinions as to the origin of St. Valentines Day.
One thing is for sure Valentine’s Day began in the Roman Empire days. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to celebrate Juno. Those old Romans considered Juno to be the über Queen of their current Gods and Godesses, besides she was also the Godess of women and marriage. The day after, being the 15th February, the Feast of Lupercalia began.

In those days the lives of young boys and girls were kept totally separate. But on the eve of Lupercalia the names of the girls were written on slips of paper and placed in jars. Each young dude would pull a girls name from the jar. The girl whose name was drawn would be his partner for the duration of the fesitival. Sometimes the pairing would last for a year, occasionally the two would fall in love and marry at a later stage.

Whilst Emperor Cladius II was ruling Rome was often involved in bloody wars. Claudius was not popular and was having difficulty recruiting soldiers for his military campaigns. He believed the men were weak willed because of their attachments to their sweet hearts and families. As a result he banned people from getting married or engaged. At that time St Valentine was a priest in Rome. He and St Marius would secretly marry Christian couples. When Claudius discovered this he had St Valentine bought before him and sentenced him to a cruel death by clubbing and then having him beheaded. That must have been round about the year 270AD and the date was February the 14th.

The pastors of the early Christian church wanted to do away with all the pagan festivitities of that time. So the feast of Lupercalia was exchanged for feast of St Valentines day by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD. It appears that men choosing maidens for valentines , or saints as patrons arose in this way.

Heathen that I am, hope every day of your life is good whether valentines day or birthday.

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