Feb 1, 2010

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The Truth about Female Orgasm

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Yipee jai ho,

Oh give me land lots of land under starry skies above, don’t fence me in….

Okay the truth is that the female orgasim is still a huge mystery for all parties. Let’s be honest here, few men know how to make a women scream with pleasure and too many females don’t know what extreme orgasm their bodies are capable of producing for them selves.

Why this is so is because men often don’t bother to find out what turns women on and women either don’t know what turns them on or they are too inhibited to say what they want.

There are 4 stages to a woman’s orgasm. By the way I’m not making this up: I have felt it often and secondly sexperts Masters and Johnson have researched all this.

  1. Excitement
    When a man gets excited blood rushes to his penis causing it to get hard. It’s kind of the same for women. Blood flows to the genitals increasing the vaginal diameter and length. The clitoris also swells. (Err you do know about the clitoris I hope. ) Also the female cervix is pulled up and lubrication fluid is produced i.e. she gets wet. Yip this all happens so she can not only reproduce but have a good time. Excitement =foreplay. Yes tickling, stroking, kissing and if you dare some dirty talk.
  2. Plateau
    Even though you think nothing is happening just because this stage is called a plateau there is a lot going on. The breathing and heart rate are speeding up. Blood is congesting in the genital area, waiting to blow. This should be happening for both parties. If not go back to stage 1.
  3. Orgasm
    Now here is where men and women differ. Men have a point of no return. This means the man cannot be stopped. He is going to cum even if his mother walks into the room. No matter how close to a coming a woman is, she can switch off. Just like that. She must be stimulated all the way through her orgasm.

    After a man has had his orgasm he enters into the refractory period. He could still be hard but he’s not coming again. Women do not have a refractory period. They go back to the plateau stage. This confuses men. For them orgasm is the end game. Once it’s achieved it’s over. But for women they’re just getting their motor running. Each proceeding orgasm is more intense than the previous. A woman when given proper stimulation can reach an “orgasm cloud” where her orgasms are so strong and continuous, that it appears to be one long orgasm.

  4. Resolution
    After the refractory stage comes the Resolution. This is the part where the man is already snoring. Since women don’t go through a refractory stage they enter into resolution once stimulation has ended. If she is sexually satisfied her brain is flooded with endorphins, the happiness hormone. This means she won’t mind that the man is already snoring.

Anyway here’s a not so little vid for you all about the female orgasm – it’s worth watching;-)

I’ll tell you some thing for nothing from a woman’s point of view: a man that knows how to give a woman good orgasm contractions has a far better chance of winning her affection permanently. Provided of course he’s not an ass hole in other categories of life.

Why not become a virtuoso lover and help give  her better orgasms?

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