Jan 27, 2010

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The Truth about Working from Home

Hello wonderful you!

Once upon a time I worked for a boss. Generally I loved my job but I hated the hours and the pay. I always felt like I could be doing more with my time. I was grateful to be able to pay the rent but still I just knew that I didn’t come into this world to spend my days in a darkroom or in an office. (I’m a commercial artist by trade.)Then I got lucky and worked as a freelancer in the movie industry. I was involved in many commercials. But one day I found myself as a single parent of twin girls and knew that I needed to change my life style…

Working from home is indeed a courageous act especially if you’re a mom. Not that I think moms should leave home for a lousy salary, thereby leaving your darlings to be raised by some one else who you don’t really know and, oh my god, maybe they teach them stuff which just doesn’t agree with your principles. No, no, no. But in all reality I know that a job is a job and you need the money.

The thing is you really need to get your shit together to work from home because:

  • Lots of distractions like:
    1. Dirty kitchen
    2. Kids fighting
    3. kids wanting to ask you something, especially when you’re on the phone.  As they get older they want to know who you are talking to.
    4. Friends inviting you to have a drink with them. They do not understand that you are working like in a real job.
    5. The internet-yip no mindless surfing
    6. Same goes for the TV – no quick watching of a morning show – well you could but it’s easy to watch another and another and before you know it the day is gone.
  • Have to pay your own medical insurance
  • Have to keep your books and tax stuff in order
  • No fixed salary
  • Takes determination and hard work
  • Must be able to work independantly and kick your own bum
  • Have to make a plan to learn new things because no company is sending you to seminars.

I’ve been working from home for a couple of years now. There were times when I thought I would just chuck it and go get a 9 to 5 job again so I could feel secure about paying the rent.Now I think I’m unemployable. Seriously there is no way I can imagine myself being told what time I have to be at my job. I can get  up at 4 and do my thing. I can go shopping for my greens at 11 in the morning if I wish. I can listen to music I like whilst I work – I can have my cats around me.

And in case you’re wondering what work I do from home – it’s mainly internet related, I set up blogs for clients. But I will drop those clients soon because truthfully they can some times bug me too. My main income is from affiliate marketing.I didn’t just know how to do it – I learnt it by getting myself good information from a reliable source.

If you’re thinking about working from home then get Tiffany Dow’s “Work at Home Truths” which is a truthful look at what it really takes to set up a business from home.

Honestly what I do doesn’t feel like a business to me because it’s fun. I’ve always associated business with corporate and uptight individuals which subconsciously made me sabotage myself before. Now I know that in truth, if you don’t treat your working from home endeavors as a business then you’ll probably fail.

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  1. Although there are many benefits to working at home, there’s a huge downside: you never leave work. Even though my office is separated from the rest of the house, I spend more time in that single room than all the rest of the house combined: 7 days a week. At least with a 9-5 job, when you left, you left. I still wouldn’t trade it for anything though 🙂

  2. Hi Robyn,

    Yip that is true but in the summer I am in the garden with my lappy which is my favorite place. Winter though keeps me confined to my indoor office. The advantage of never leaving your work is that when you feel inspired at 3 in the morning you can execute it, in comfy pj’s!

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