Feb 8, 2010

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The Truth about Using Private Label Rights in Your Marketing

private_label_rights, internet_marketingThis is a guest post by Tiffany Dow

When it comes to online marketing, the advice you receive can be skewed and potentially damaging to your business, especially when it comes to employing shortcuts like Private Label Rights (PLR) content. There’s nothing wrong with finding and using tactics to lighten your workload or offer you a shortcut to success, but you need to know the truth about how PLR can benefit your business before you start downloading and posting this kind of content all over the World Wide Web.

It’s true that PLR helps many marketers afford the luxury of better writing at a deeply discounted price. For example, I charged my top guru ghostwriting clients $30 per page, yet anyone can go to my PLR Mini Mart and buy the same top quality content for only $1 per page.

But the truth is – it’s not quite as valuable as specific ghostwritten work. That doesn’t mean it’s worthless, either. Of course, it’s always best to have content that is 100% unique – solely because it sets you apart from the rest of the niche marketers. Its discounted value reflects the only one drawback to using PLR, and that is that other marketers will have the opportunity to use the exact same content on their sites, too.

So how can you still reap the rewards of using PLR? Assuming you buy a quality piece of content (if you’ve ever downloaded PLR from multiple sources, you’ll know that many – maybe even most – PLR providers don’t give you anything worth using), you’ll want to see how you can rework it to your advantage.

The first step is to give it a new title. Take each sentence of the PLR piece and see how easy it would be to rewrite it. For instance, I’ll rewrite the previous sentence below:

Consider how easy it would be for you to redo a sentence in your private label rights article and then make changes.

See how easy that was? You simply swap around the wording and think to yourself, “how ELSE can I say that same thing?” Make it a game if you like. As you practice, you’ll get better (and faster) at it.

I then instruct my PLR customers to try to add a unique introduction to the piece, or at least alter the one I have provided slightly. A rule of thumb is to try to change at least 30% of the article to give it a unique perspective in the search engines.

Here’s a little known truth about PLR when it comes to duplicate content – Google will only consider it a duplicate if you have it more than once on your own website, which means you’re not penalized for using PLR as is without changes as long as you only have it once on your domain.

PLR works very well for autoresponder emails and you don’t even have to seek out autoresponder PLR, either. Just look for articles in your niche and then give it a greeting and a closing message and queue it up in your autoresponder system!

Private Label Rights have gotten a bad rap due to too many unethical marketers churning out shoddy content, but the truth is, you can find amazing PLR that will fit your budget and help you generate traffic to your website with very little effort on your part.

Tiffany Dow is the former “ghostwriter to the gurus” who launched her own PLR site at http://www.shop.plrminimart.com to allow niche marketers on a budget to leverage powerful content against their competitors. She takes custom requests for topics and will notify you by email when your topic is ready.

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