Feb 3, 2010

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The Truth about Chocolate

true chocolate, fun chocolateGreetings!

Are you into chocolate? I sure am. I just love it and I eat a lot of it. I’ll admit though that the chocolate I munch on is true chocolate ie it hasn’t been processed by commercial chocolate manufacturers. It’s the raw kind.

Health fundis have been discussing the pros and cons of  whether one should be  eating chocolate or not – even the raw unprocessed kind. For all the pros it has there are also lots of cons. But I’m not going to get into all that because I found this video on youtube for you which gives you the whole truth about chocolate, so why should I repeat all that?

Seriously  I buy raw chocolate and raw cacao beans, sometimes even fermented cacao beans. I feel absolutely wonderful and I’m not fat. I can easily wear my 15 year old daughters pants and I’m hitting 50! But then every thing I eat is raw.

So how into chocolate are you?

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