Jun 25, 2010

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The Truth about BP

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Myself I just can’t believe BP or any company is allowed to just blatanly mess up our planet like this.

But truth be said there are catastrophical actions against our planet taking place every second. BP is only one of the perpertrators. What’s going on in the Amazon is just as bad. Forests being burned and destroyed for cattle ranching or planting some other crop that nobody really needs.

It’s no wonder more people are sinking into depression and anxiety. It’s all related indirectly to what we are doing to our planet. We NEED a HEALTHY planet to be healthy ourselves.

We depend on the planet for our existence. We fuck up the planet, we will be fucked. Now don’t get me wrong I hate to be a prohpet of doom because in all truth I’m a optimist. I’m the kind that believes in a positive outcome. But I also know about cause and effect. So it’s just time that we all woke up from our slumbering.

We can’t depend on them or they to take care of it. Who is them and they any way? We are the people. At least those of us living in a democratic society can make decisions. I for myself don’t require anyone to tell me what is good for me. I don’t depend on the government to take care of my health. I know I’m responsible. I don’t buy into what they tell me. I know for example that eating raw unprocessed food is best for me. I know that moving my body keeps me fit.  I don’t need their health insurance. And I certainly don’t need BP.

Okay forgive me I went off on a tangent there for a second. But that’s exactly what happens when everyone thinks they will take care of the planet and of us. They won’t.

Now you may be thinking I’m some weird freak living in a cave. Uh no, I’m writing this from my laptop connected to the fantabulous internet. I love technical progress. But I do believe we can live in harmony with our planet. I also love to drive a car.  A good set of wheels is freedom. But hey if my wheels mean that mess in the ocean well then I’d rather stay where I am.

As far as I’m concerned we have no right to destroy other life just for our advantage. Other life exists for it’s own right.  I mean we have brains – surely we can conclude that what is happening is wicked. Jees even I who don’t really believe in anything except cause and effect can recognise that we’re on the road to no where. Remember that great song from talking heads in the 80’s? We’re on the road to no where.

Take a listen here:

So yeah BP has been wildly irresponsible with their crude  oil extraction methods.  But it’s not only them raping and pilaging the planet.

Here’s a fun vid from YouTube showing the BP catastrophe in all it’s glory.

Stay tuned for my next rant which will reveal the Truth about Roundup. You know the herbicide from Monsato, who by the way are just as naughty as BP.

Love ya and thanks for reading.

Yours truly

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